Smart Industry

• Modular Integrated Platform

• Smart Energy

• Smart Inventory Management

• Smart Plant Maintenance

• Smart Quality Assurance

• Machine Learning

• Deep Learning

• RPA-Robotic Process Automation


Warehouse (WMS) &
Inventory Management Systems

• Advanced Traceability

• Track-and-Trace Systems

• Inventory Management in Receipt, Warehouse, Shipment, Production, Quality Assurance

• Stand-Alone or integrated to ERP’s


E-Invoice &
Legal Reporting Solutions

Add-On Solutions on SAP in 15 Countries for:


•Electronic Legal Financial Reporting



(E-Waybill, E-Delivery, E-Archive,

fss-decorOur Solutions

fss-decor FSMobility

FSMobility is a software package developed with a high technology by a very experienced team and the technology is continuosly updated to keep up with the evolving IT Technologies.

FSMobility has many individual products including various Track-and-Trace Systems such as Drug, Food, Production, Dangerous Goods...


fss-decor FSStockChain

FSStockChain is a high technology member of FSMobility Product Family and also enables AI-Artifical Intelligence integrated Quality Assurance Services which can be published through supply chain and/or enhanced with RPA-Robotic Process Automation…


fss-decor FSNext

FSNext Product Family offers AI integrated Industrial Solutions.

Modular Integrated Platform, Smart Inventory Management, Smart Quality Assurance, Smart Energy and Smart Plant Maintenance Solutions are enhanced by Machine Learning, Deep Learning & RPA-Robotic Process Automation.

FSCore, FSSmart, and FSCockpit are the components of FSNext.


fss-decor FSCore

FSCore collects the data from external systems (MES/MAS/Traceability/Inventory Management/WMS/Energy/QA), IoT Devices & M2M, & ERP; creates the Big Data; forms Data Models; and sends to FSSmart having AI Services.

The results are forwarded back to the related external systems and/or presented in ERPs.


fss-decor FSSMart

FSSmart contains the AI-Artificial Intelligence Services with Machine Learning & Deep Learning and Works integrated to FSCore.


fss-decor FSCockpit

FSCockpit has the modules for data collection and data (result) presentation on SAP. FSCockpit works integrated to FSCore. FSCockpit is an Add-On Solution on SAP and can provide enhanced solutions on SAP with the integrated external data and/or solutions.


fss-decor E-Management Cockpit on SAP

FSSoftware offers various solutions methods for e-Documents (e-Invoice/e-Waybill/e-Order/e-Archive/e-Delivery/e-Ticket…) and electronic legal reporting (SAF-T/E-Ledger/E-Book).

SAP Add-On as E-Management Cockpit is one of these methods and has been implemented in 15 countries more than 250 SAP e-Projects.


Success Stories


Domino's Pizza is the most common delivery service pizza chain in Turkey. In Gebze, İzmir, Ankara and Gaziantep main delivery warehouses, for Raw Material Receiving, Raw Material Quality Control, Placement in Warehouse, Production Output, Product/Raw material Input from Production, Special Product Shipment scenarios, Supply Chain Process Automation were established.


EKUR - BURGERKING is part of the TFI company, the market leader of the quick service restaurant industry in Turkey. In the project, all processes from live animal receiving, carcass and quarter acceptance, quartering and shredding, meat and delicatessen products from production to shipment are provide with online traceability with FSMobility.


Volt Motor, one of Turkey's leading motor manufacturers, was established to produce coil winding in 1966. The labeling of the materials coming out of the raw material production lines and their consumption to the other lines in the Operation Flow are followed by FSMobility together with SAP Integration.

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