FSMobility WMS Solution provides the backward & forward traceability of your inventory of all raw materials, semi-products, finished-goods, spare parts, … FSMobility provides added value to your Quality Assurance operations and can be integrated with your existing Quality Systems.

Error-Free Warehouse and Inventory Operations

Human errors and operational randomness can be eliminated by creating operational work-flows enhanced by operational rules. Material/Product specific shelf conditions, legal obligations, operation specific rules are checked in the system. Inventory transactions are allowed depending on the authorizations and auditing and analysis are possible.

Integrated Solution

FSMobility WMS Solution works integrated with your ERP and IoT Systems. FSMobility continuously updates the stock values on ERP in order to maintain accurate stock levels. Vice versa, documents from ERP such as puchase/production/sales orders are downloaded into FSMobility to maintain accurate operations.

Dynamic Location Hierarchical Field Management

Physical Storage Units and/or Operational Areas including Production & Quality Assurance processes can be classified as storage bins, shelves, areas, area and warehouse groups, … etc. Flexible, Customizable, and Hierarchical Storage Unit/Area Management is possible specific to your Plants and Warehouses.


Labeling Serial/Batch Based Identification

FSMobility enables labeling (BarCode, Data Matrix, RF-Id) of your materials (raw materials, spare parts, indirect material, fixed assets, …) and products (semi-products, finished goods, trading goods, …) Serial or Batch (Lot) based in Global Standards.

Receipt Inventory Management for Procurement

FSMobility enables document (purchase orders, inbound e-waybills, work orders, …) validated receipt for ensuring accurate materials and quantities. FSMobility also maintains receipt quality assurance flows including “quality sampling” using different criteria. You can manage vendor performances and returns to vendors.


Shipping Error-Free Shipment

One of the most important expectations for customer satisfaction is punctual & accurate delivery. FSMobility WMS Solution provides continuous and error-free shipment process including picking, packing, loading, waybill (e-waybill) & invoicing (e-invoice) steps

Displacement Management

Transfers into storage units can be determined by the rules & authorizations specific to various criteria such as material groups/types, storage unit groups/types, material expiration dates, material characteristics, … The transactions in the warehouse are allowed which satisfy these rules & authorizations ensuring accurate operations.


Mobile Inventory Management in Warehouse IOS Android Web

All transactions in the warehouse or any inventory information can be performed, monitored and managed via mobile devices.