Commitment to Legal Compliance and Integrated Management Systems

At FSSoftware, our Information Security Management System Policy is primarily committed to compliance with the legal obligations and regulatory provisions to which our organization is subject. It adheres to related management system requirements and conforms to the procedures to be applied pursuant to the Policy and the established management system.

Objective of the Policy

The primary objective of this Policy is to define the principles related to the methods and processes required by the Information Security Management System ISO/IEC 27001:2022.

Information Security Management System Policy

This Policy covers, and is applicable to, the activities related to Legal Compliance and Quality Management System, Information Security Management System, and Information Technology Service Management, in which the Company is engaged.

The Management System aims to always ensure the security of personal data, customer information, and corporate information at the highest level by meeting needs and expectations.

To operate in compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and international standards.

To prioritize meeting the legal and contractual requirements while maintaining continuous satisfaction of our employees, suppliers, business partners, customers, the environment, and society in a balanced manner and in collaboration with them.

To always ensure the highest level of Information Security, Personal Data Security, Business Continuity, and Information Technology Service Management processes.

To comply with all laws, regulations, and other requirements that bind our organization, including those affecting our performance and quality, and to continually improve our system according to the conditions of the Information Security Management System.

To announce our Information Security Management System Policy to relevant internal and external parties, ensuring that all parties are aware of our policies.