Process Analysis

We attach great importance to the stable functioning of your processes. We review your business rules and manual action steps in detail and make them suitable for RPA


Let's quickly teach manual steps to our robots.Let's set the parameters you can easily manage.


Get reports, measure efficiency, let your robots work, save time!

Finance Processes

Procurement, Accounts Receivable, General Accounting, Tax, Treasury and Compliance, Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting


Human Resources Processes

Job Postings Transactions, Candidate Automatic Notification System, SGK Automatic Entries, Recruitment and Dismissal Processes, KPI Calculation, Payroll Processes, Recruitment Orientation Processes, Meal Check Request, BES Entry

Purchasing Processes

Receiving the requested materials from the relevant system, Reading the supplier list for the relevant material, Sending offer request e-mails to the relevant suppliers,Receiving the data in the incoming offers,Returning revision responses to incorrect offers,Sending price revision mail in accordance with the criteria determined by the company,Entering the bids into the ERP bid comparison table.


Production Processes

Work order optimization in Manufacturing (RPA + AI), Creation of product trees on ERP, Bidding on tender platforms, Integration of external data into ERP