• E-Invoice

• Electronic Legal Reporting (SAF-T, E-Ledger, E-Book)

• E-Documents, E-Waybill, E-Delivery, E-Ticket,E-Agriculture, E-Archive…)

• E-Management Cockpit on SAP as an Add-On

• Different Solutions with Various Methods


• No Standard SAP Customization is necessary. (No SAP Business Processes are interfered)

• No Standard SAP Modification and/or Enhancement is necessary(Unless specifically requested)

• No Standard SAP Tables are updated

E-Invoice & Legal Reporting Solutions

Add-On Solutions on SAP in 15 Countries for:

•+250 SAP E-Projects in 15 Countries since 2013

•Experienced Project Managers starting from 1994 and Teams Members starting from 1999 on SAP

(+1000 Customers with Various Methods since 2013

•International Project Organizations

E-* Management Cockpit on SAP

We have been developing flexible & configurable e-* solutions on SAP such as e-Invoice, e-Waybill, SAF-T, e-Ledger, e-Book, SII, MTD, e-Archive, e-Agriculture, … with a very experienced Project Management and Multinational Teams since 2013. Professionally developed have successfully been implemented in the following countries: Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuenia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK.



E-Invoice is becoming mandantory in many countries with different formats and regulations. The regulations exist within a range from simple to complicated and absolute to flexible. We offer customizable solutions for different countries and different customer/market/industry requirements. Our Solutions include Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Germany, Greenland, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Turkey.

Electronic Legal Reporting

The finalcial reports are becoming electronical and mandandory having different regulations and periods in many countries. Our Solutions include SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) in Lithuenia, Norway, Poland; e-Ledger in Turkey; e-Book in Greece; SII in Spain; MTD UK in UK.


E-* in Nordic Countries

Our Solutions include Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden for e-invoice and Norway for SAF-T. Multiple formats are used due to the legal and/or service provider requirements and our solutions support these requirements by country/service provider/customer specific customizings.

E-Invoice in Hungary: RTIR

Sending invoices through the RTIR (Real Time Invoice Reporting) system has been mandatory in Hungary since 2018. National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA) is responsible for RTIR and platform is NAV - as a centralised platform enabling real-time eInvoice reporting. Our solutions have been implemented since 2018 and supports upto RTIR 4.0 which is the most recent version completed on 2021.


E-Invoice in Italy: FatturaPA

TThe obligations for e-invoice has started in 2014 (B2G) and 2019 (B2B/B2C). Ministry of Economy and Finances, supported by the Revenue Agency is responsible for FatturaPA and the Italian state offers the exchange system (SDI-Sistema di Interscambio) for eInvoicing processing. Cross-Border Invoices are added to the scope with the most recent version in 07.2022. Our solutions have been implemented since 2018 and support all the versions including last one with cross-border e-invoices.

E-Documents & E-Ledger in Turkey

e-Invoice obligations has started as of 2014 in Turkey and continues with E-Ledger, E-Waybill (E-Delivery), E-Export, E-Archive, E-Receipt, E-Agriculture, E-Ticket, ... We offer various solutions to +1000 Customers, including through Certified Solution Providers, Direct Integration to TRA-Turkish Revenue Administration with various methods such as; SAP, Web-Services, Manual Portal, Excel…,


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