By statistical inference from the collected data, FSMobility gives the opportunity to intervene in crises that may occur in the agricultural sector early. In case of detecting any side effects or non-comformities caused by drugs, it also allows to intervene by withdrawing the products from the market..

Reliable Product Procurement

FSMobility ensures the supplying of original and reliable agricultural products by preventing cases such as forgery and product smuggling, by using data matrix ID on an individual product basis..

Tracking & Auditing

Considering the safety of agricultural products, it provides continuous surveillance and control of the shelf life of the products.

Notifications to the Ministry of Agriculture

It covers the whole processes from production notifications to sales notifications. Production notification to the ministry, Goods Receipt to Production, Goods Receipt in Foreign/Domestic Warehouse, Pallet Labeling (including Shipping Case-Pallet Relationship), Warehouse Receipt nofication to the ministry are the operation samples of these process flows.


Warehouse Operations

Putaway in the warehouse, transfer to the shelf, transfer to the collection area and physical inventory counting operations are carried out.

Shipment Transactions

Customer order selection, loading by validating the customer order, goods issue confirmation and notification to the ministry are the steps of the process.


Supplier Returns

Supplier selection, loading by validating the returns order, returns issue confirmation and notification to the ministry are the steps of the process.

Status for Quality Assurance

Status of Unrestricted, Hold, Blocked are determined.


References Tümü

Ekicioğlu Pesticides

Ekicioğlu Plant Protection Products makes their notifications thanks to FSMobility.

Egeon Agriculture

Egeon Agriculture makes notifications through FSMobility Solution.

Orfeus Agriculture

Orfeous realizes agricultural notifications through the FSMobility solution.