Supplier and Material Flow Management

FSMobility allows you to maintain operation flows for procurement, warehouse and production replenishment and provides advanced traceability. The authorizations can be distributed among the responsible employees for the business operations. .

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring raw material processes and production transactions including Quality Assurance scenarios also plays a guiding role in performance measurements. Performance measurements of production and material flows will allow decisions to be made that will directly affect productivity..

Continuous Improvement

Backward Traceability Management for Raw-Materials including suppliers not only increases the quality, but also allows to improve your processes continuously.

Production Module

By validating production/planned orders, it is ensured that the products produced are correctly labeled and added into the inventory.


Quality Assurance Status Management

By using Quality Status for the Semi-Products/Finished Goods, the inventory transactions in the operational flows are managed accurately.

Raw Material Management Module

Considering the Production/Planned Orders from the ERP as a result of Production Planning, the following items are ensured:

• Accurate Replenishment of Raw Material to the Production Area by Calculating the requirements,

• Accurate Goods Issue to Production by Validating the Production/Planned Orders


Quality Assurance Status Management for Raw Material

The warehouse transactions and various scenarios (such as holding, blocking, releasing, returns to vendor, rework, … or any specifically customized ones) are managed for the Raw Materials by using Quality Status. Applying KPI Analysis, it can be ensured that the accurate consumption items are determined by calculating the remaining periods of raw materials in inventory.

Inventory Management

As a result of customizing the business models and analyzing them correctly, error-free raw material inventory transactions and consumptions are ensured. Ensuring correct operations and quantities, the inventory management is achieved accurately and information database is created for Forward Traceability.


Raw Material Tracking References Tümü


Silgan provides warehouse tracking of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, traceability of production, goods acceptance and shipment processes with FSMobility.


Warehouse Shelf Placement of raw materials and moving them in the warehouse under appropriate conditions are provided by FSMobility control.

Kristal Oil

Supply, storage and feeding processes of raw materials to production are followed with FSMobility.